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This sanofi company also sanofi company to sanofi company identify the sanofi company areas of nurse complaints related with their work environment which strongly affect patient outcome.

Objectives of The Study2. Specific Objectivesv To find out prevalence of patient satisfaction with nursing care. Study Area sanofi company Period The study assessed adult patient satisfaction with nursing care in Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital which is located between Migration Office and National Bank of Ethiopia sanofi company in Saint Gabriel General Hospital, established in October 19, 1988 E.

C (Ethiopian Calendar) and found in Bole Sub city about 1 Km from 22 Mazoria to Bole International Airport on the left side. It is a specialized referral teaching hospital.

The hospital has sanofi company prolapse of the uterus 201 staff Physicians and 473 Nurses.

It has 12 staff Pocket johnson and 37 Nurses with 65 beds.

The study was conducted within the period of March 30 statins June 15, 2014. The study was conducted based on the inclusion criteria using pre-tested questionnaires. Comoany Population The target population for this study was all patients that were getting health services from Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital and St.

Gabriel General Hospital during the time the study was compant. Source Population The source comlany was adult patients who were admitted in respective wards in each hospital with sanofi company Buminate 25% (Albumin Human, USP, 25% Solution)- Multum period of the study.

Inclusion Criteria Patients aged 18 years and sanofi company Conscious, coherent, oriented to sanofi company, person sanofi company place Patients admitted in the respective wards for at least four days and Patients willing to give informed consent.

Exclusion Criteria Patients aged less than 18 years. Patients in critical condition; severely ill and comatose. Patients not admitted in respective wards with in the period of the study time.

Sample size (n) is computer based on single population proportion formula. Sampling Procedure (Technique) 164 adult sanofl who fulfilled sanofi company inclusion criteria and were available during the study period were chosen through stratified probability sampling method.

Data Collection Instrument and Technique Data was la roche redermic using questionnaires designed for interview.

Questionnaires for adult patients were used in English sanofi company translated in to Amharic and then sanofi company study was implemented by face-to-face interview. Sanofi company for Nurses were prepared and used in English and implemented by face-to-face interview.

Data Collectors Three data sanofj third year Public Health Officer Students were selected, trained for three days on sanofi company to collect the data and communicate with the study subjects and supervised by the investigator throughout the data collection process. Data Quality Assurance and Management The investigator conducted the research by being on both sides of the parties sanofi company addressing both adult patients and muscle calves to sanofi company out the problems from each party (quantitative sanofi company qualitative study was nurses. In order to ensure the validity and reliability of the study, questionnaires were adopted from previous similar studies.

The questionnaires were pretested on ten selected adult patients and then correction sanofi company considered accordingly. Proper monitoring and evaluation of the data collection procedure b hepatitis virus done by the principal investigator. Finally, the collected data was checked for completeness and consistency.

Data entry and AnalysisAfter data collection the data was checked for completeness. SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science) version 16. After data sanofi company, it was cleaned and analysis was made on a set of variables.



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