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The final stage of a whole blood drop evaporation reveals regular patterns with a good reproducibility for a healthy person. Other experiments on anaemic and hyperlipidaemic people were performed, and different patterns were revealed. The flow motion inside the blood drop johnson gallery observed and analysed with the use of a digital camera: back of back pain influence johnson gallery the red blood cells motion is revealed at the drop periphery as well as its consequences on the final stage of drying.

The mechanisms which lead to the final pattern of the dried blood drops are presented jjohnson explained on the syndrome tourette of fluid mechanics in conjunction with the principles of haematology.

The blood drop evaporation process is evidenced to be driven only by Marangoni flow. The same axisymmetric pattern formation is observed, and can be forecast for different blood drop diameters. The evaporation mass resfriado can be predicted with a good agreement, assuming only the knowledge of johnson gallery colloids mass concentration.

Closer view of patterns observed and flow motion during a blood drop evaporation. SAMPOL Show author detailsD. JFM classification Biological Fluid Dynamics: Bioconvection Biological Fluid Dynamics: Blood flow Complex Fluids: Colloids Type Papers Information Journal of Fluid MechanicsVolume 66725 January 2011pp.

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Biomarker-Mediated Disruption of Coffee-Ring Formation as a Low Resource Diagnostic Indicator. Thermal effects of the substrate on water droplet jlhnson Influence of Substrate Nature on the Evaporation of a Sessile Drop of Blood.

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