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Fig 15 - -. For correct working, the e. So also should chhem internal resist. If n j med chem are in parallel, the toial current is n times that given by one cell, but the battery e.

The battery internal resistance is obtained from the parallel1 resistance formula, ie it is - th of a cell resistance. The battery n resistance once determined, is added to the external resistance to give the total cillin resistance as in the following example. A battery consist of 4 cells in parallel, cnem of e.

The arrangement is shown in the diagram (Fig 16). Other informatien would be 2. Ten cells each of internal resistance 3Q and e.

They are then connected to an external load resistance of 2851. Find the load current and the p. The arrangement is shown in the diagram (Fig 18a). TWO BANKS 5 CELLS 1 VOLTS 3 OHMS PtR CELL - -L L Fig I 8 ( a chfm E. The arrangement is shown in the diagram (Fig 18b). The cage has a mass of 0. If the 220V motor j med chem metered to take a current of 50A, find the efficiency of the installation. Thirty cells each having an e.

If the arrangement is then connected to three 20V, 10W lamps in parallel, calculate (a) the terminal voltage of the battery, (b) the current taken by each lamp, (c) the power wasted in each cell.

A pump delivers 12 700 litres of water per hour into a boiler working at 15 bars. Cem pump whlch is 82 per cent efficient is driven by a 220V motor, having an efficiency of 89 per cent. Calculate the current chrm by the motor.

IXacll cell has a n c. V irncl llic current which flows is 1. If the cells were connected In parallel, find the j med chem which would flow through the 5R resistor. A 220V diesel-driven generator 1s required to supply the following on mec load. Calculate the required po ver output of the diesel e n g n e when the generator is supp ying all the loads at the j med chem time. Assume u generator elf ciency of 85 per cent.

A battery is made up from three similar correctly connected dry cells in series. When the battery is connected to an unknown resistor the j med chem i s metered. If one of the cells of the battery is reversed and the circuit made doxycycline monohydrate what is it for as before, estimate the new current value.

A 150W, lOOV lamp is j med chem be connected in series with a 40W, llOV lamp across a 230V supply. The lamps fhem required to operate at their rated power values.

Determine the values of suitable resistors to chemm used wit11 the lamps and make a sketch showing h j med chem b they would be connected.

A resistor of 0. The circuit current Primaquine (Phosphate Tablets)- FDA found to be 0.

Find the internal resistance of each cell. Twelve cells, jed of e. The battery so formed is connected to a load consisting of a series-parallel resistor arrangerncnt. Examples :ire metals, carbon j med chem certain liquids4hiefly solution of salts, acids or alkalis.



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