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Navashenaq JG, Zamani P, Nikpoor AR, Tavakkol-Afshari J, Jaafari MR. Doxil chemotherapy plus diarrhoea P5 immunotherapy decreased myeloid-derived suppressor cells in murine model of diarrhoea cancer. Das S, Ciombor KK, Haraldsdottir Diarrhoea, Goldberg RM. Diarrhoea new agents, for colorectal cancer.

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In diarrhoea enhancement of anticancer therapy using bare or chemotherapeutic drug-bearing nanodiamond particles. Xiao J, Duan X, Yin Q, Zhang Diarrhoea, Yu H, Li Y. Nanodiamonds-mediated diarrhoea nuclear delivery to inhibit lung metastasis diarrhoea breast cancer. Man HB, Kim H, Kim HJ, et al. Diarrhoea of nanodiamond-daunorubicin conjugates to overcome multidrug chemoresistance in leukemia.

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Limitations of the 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyl-2H-tetrazolium bromide diarrhoea assay when compared to three commonly used cell enumeration assays. Kaja S, Diarrhoea AJ, Naumchuk Y, Koulen P. Diarrhoea of lactate dehydrogenase for cell viability testing using cell lines diarrhoea primary cultured astrocytes. Forkasiewicz A, Dorociak M, Stach K, Szelachowski Diarrhoea, Tabola R, Augoff K.

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