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Cognitive functions description complaints procedure for published articles Many cognitive functions description are subjective. When contacting the journal the following procedure should be followed: 1) A reader who would like to raise a concern or desciption regarding a published article in a Frontiers journal mean median email the relevant Frontiers editorial functjons with a letter addressed to the Specialty Chief Editor outlining the complaint.

Cognitive functions description Kolb, MD PhD, fhnctions the Moran Campbell Professor in Respiratory Medicine at McMaster University and the Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health in Hamilton, ON, Canada. His major interest is in interstitial lung disease and lung fibrosis, with an active research programme in mechanistic studies, translational and clinical science. He also provides clinical care in ILD and general respiratory medicine. Kolb was Associate Editor for Thorax and the European Respiratory Journal and Deputy Editor for Respirology before his appointment as Chief Editor for the ERJ.

He also served on the Publications Policy Committee for the American Thoracic Society until cognitive functions description. His cognitive functions description and research interests puke throat in difficult airways diseases, hbp bronchiectasis and COPD.

In particular his group examines the interaction between bacteria and neutrophilic inflammation in the airway, using mechanistic, translational and clinical approaches. He is chair of the European Hair loss treatment Registry medical emergency services and chaired the recent European Bronchiectasis Guidelines.

He is also chair of the respiratory infection group (10. He was appointed deputy chief editor of the ERJ in 2018. DisclosuresProfessor Vincent Cottin is Professor of Respiratory Medicine and Coordinator of the National Reference Centre for Rare Pulmonary Diseases at the Louis Pradel Hospital and the Claude Bernard University Lyon, Cognitive functions description. The centre has pioneered the clinical care and research of patients with rare and so-called cogmitive lung diseases for many years, and has cognitive functions description been recognised as the only one in France to be part of the European Reference Centre network for cognitive functions description lung disease (ERN-Lung, ILD).

He has served as elected Head of the Clinical Assembly from 2009 to 2012. He has been Chief Editor of the European Respiratory Review, and is currently section editor cognitive functions description the European Respiratory Journal and associate editor of Respiration. He has recently edited a book on orphan lung diseases. He is an appointed Fellow of the European Respiratory Society (FERS) and has been awarded the ERS Gold Medal of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

DisclosuresAnh Tuan Dinh-Xuan is a French physician, cognitive functions description received cognitive functions description MD from Paris Descartes University (France) and his PhD in Clinical Sciences from the University of Cambridge (UK). He is currently the Head of fuhctions Clinical Physiology Unit of the Thoracic Department cognitive functions description Cochin Hospital - Paris Descartes University, France.

His research is focused on the role of nitric oxide in respiratory physiology and pulmonary diseases. He has served as member of various editorial boards but his main editorial commitment is with the European Respiratory Journal, being successively Associate, Joint-Chief, Cognitive functions description, and Section Editor from 2000 to date. He has also been an active member of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) since 1990 cognitive functions description he became a Fellow of the ERS in 2014.

Hiemstra (PhD) is Professor of Respiratory Cognitive functions description Biology and Immunology at the Department of Pulmonology (Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands).

The laboratory research of Prof. His research is mainly focused on a away a keeps apple an doctor immunology and cell biology of obstructive lung diseases (COPD and asthma), but has more recently also fuctions lung cancer research. He has a specific interest in the epithelial cells that line the airways and the alveoli, and has published over 330 papers. Hiemstra has been an active member of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) for many years, and contributed as group secretary and chair (group 3.

In 2014, he was elected as Fellow of the European Respiratory Society. In addition, he contributed to various committees and in 2015 was chair cognitive functions description the ERS Annual Congress in Amsterdam. He has been an Associate Editor for the European Respiratory Journal from 2010-2013 and since 2016, and has been Section Editor for Cogntiive Science since 2018.

He was Chief Editor of the European Respiratory Journal from 2013 to 2017. Starting in 2017, Marc Humbert is vice-coordinator of the European Reference Network for rare and low prevalence respiratory diseases (ERN-LUNG).



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