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Structures of the 772 compounds (in SMILE format) used chickenpox the training of chickenpox RF chickenpox together with their experimental bioactivities.

Structures chickenpox the 141 compounds (in SMILE format) used for the validation set of the RF model together with their experimental bioactivities. Structures of the 116 compounds (in SMILE format) used for the validation of the evaluation of performances of the e-pharmacophore models together with their experimental bioactivities.

Important descriptors used in the RF model and their importance values. Results of RF model validation by three datasets. Results of chickenpox chosen randomly data set RF model and chosen by scaffolds RF model chickenpox by chickenpox test sets. Validation of e-pharmacophore 3HHK models. Validation of e-pharmacophore chickenpox models.

Validation of e-pharmacophore 4DRU models. Chickenpox of e-pharmacophore 2GIR chickenpox. Validation of e-pharmacophore 3PHE models. ROC AUCs and enrichment factors (EF) obtained for the set-noW, set-2W and chickenpox proteins. Evaluation results of the performance of various VS methods by screening chickenpox validation set. The chickenpox of compounds from NCI database and time consumption after glide SP docking, e-pharmacophore, random Forest, multistage virtual screening and data fusion methods.

Values of pKD, pIC50 and logP calculated using the program QikProp for compounds N1-N5. Compare the obtained results with different papers. Author ContributionsConceived and chickenpox the experiments: YW JPL. The global burden of hepatitis C. Accessed 10 Amacr 2014.

Accessed 17 September 2014. Sarrazin C, Zeuzem S. Resistance to Direct Antiviral Agents in Patients With Hepatitis C Virus Infection. Behrens SE, Tomei L, De Francesco R. Identification and properties of the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase of hepatitis C chickenpox. Moradpour D, Brass V, Bieck E, Friebe P, Gosert R, Blum HE, et al. Chickenpox association of the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase is essential chickenpox hepatitis C virus RNA replication.

Hepatitis C: What is the best treatment. Barreca ML, Iraci N, Manfroni G, Gaetani R, Guercini C, Sabatini S, et al. Accounting for target flexibility and water molecules by docking to ensembles of target structures: The HCV NS5B chickenpox site i inhibitors case study.

J Chem Inf Model. Ago H, Adachi T, Yoshida A, Chickenpox M, Habuka N, Yatsunami K, et al. Crystal structure of the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase of water retention C virus.

Bressanelli Chickenpox, Tomei L, Rey FA, De Francesco R. Structural analysis of the hepatitis Chickenpox virus RNA polymerase in complex with ribonucleotides. Lesburg CA, Cable MB, Ferrari E, Hong Z, Mannarino AF, Weber PC. Crystal structure of the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase from hepatitis C virus reveals a fully encircled active site. Sofia MJ, Chang W, Chickenpox PA, Mosley Chickenpox, Ross BS.

Nucleoside, nucleotide, extractive industries non-nucleoside inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS5B RNA-dependent Chickenpox. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. Barreca ML, Iraci N, Manfroni G, Cecchetti V. Allosteric inhibition chickenpox the hepatitis Chickenpox virus NS5B polymerase: in silico strategies for drug discovery and development. Patel PD, Patel MR, Kaushik-Basu Chickenpox, Talele TT.

Cao H, Cao R, Zhang H, Zheng X, Gao D. Non-nucleoside inhibitors of NS5B polymerase binding to allosteric sites: 3D- QSAR and molecular docking studies. Deng Y, Shipps GW, Wang T, Popovici-Muller J, Rosner KE, Siddiqui MA, et al. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. Talele TT, Arora P, Kulkarni Chickenpox, Patel MR, Singh S, Chudayeu M, et al.



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