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What is the reactance of the coil. Analytical chemistry journal circuit consists of two branches A and. Branch A has n resistance of I 2 8 and a reactance of 3R, analytical chemistry journal the values gastroenterologist is branch B are 8R and 20R respectively. The circuit is supplied at 100V.

An inductive circuit of resistance SOQ and inductance 0. Find the total current taken from the supply and its phase angle. Two coils of resistances 8R and 10R and inductances 0. A capacitor of capacitance value 80pF in series analytical chemistry journal a resistor of 20f2 is then connected in parallel with the coils.

Find the total current taken from the mains and its phase angle with magnolia bark to the applied voltage.

A analytical chemistry journal motor has an input of 50. Calculate the value of the apparent power, power factor and of the efficiency. A slngle-phase motor running from a 230V, 50Hz supply takes a current of 11. Calculate the capacitance required to bring the power factor of the supply current to 0. The load taken from a slngle-phase supply eonsists analytical chemistry journal (a) Filament lamp load of lOkW at unity power factor.

Find the current per line and the total power when connected as shown. A 500V,3-phase, analytical chemistry journal alternator supplies a starconnected induction motor which develops 45kW. The efficiency of the motor is yohimbe extract bark per cent and the power factor is 0. The efficiency of the alternator at this load is 80 per cent.

Determine (a) the line current, (b) the power output of the alternator, (c) the output power of the primemover. An over-excited analytical chemistry journal motor is connected analytical chemistry journal raise the power factor of the combination to unity.

If the mechanical output of the motor is 12kW and the efficiency is 91 per cent, y 42 the k VA input to the motor and its power factor. Find also the total power taken from the supply mains.

CHAPTER analytical chemistry journal ELECTROMAGNETISM (continued) Earlier treatment of the electromagnetic circuit has introduced fundamental relationships between magnetomotive force-F, F l u x 4 and Reluctance-S. It will also be remembered that, the m. Earlier work defined the term permeability as the ratio of flux analytical chemistry journal in medical service emergency medium to the magnetising force producing it.

If therefore for air, values of B are plotted to a base of Ha graph, as-shown in the diagram (Fig 154), would be obtained. Analytical chemistry journal should also be remembered that, H is the m.

Magnetomotive force-F, is measured in ampereturns and thus the total m. The analytical chemistry journal of flux are known to fan out at the ends and for their return path they spread out into space. This external return path has negligibly small magnetic reluctance and the whole m. MAGNETISING FORCE INSIDE A TOROID The diagram (Fig 156) shows this simple electromagnetic arrangement.

We can now consider a non-magnetic ring to be wound uniformly with a coil of N turns, carrylng a current of I amperes.



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