Red blood

Red blood этого вытекает?

Hereditary anemias ( defects within RBC red blood b. Acquired anemias ( external causes ) Sickle Cell Anemia a. Thalassemias describe populations most affect. Thalassemias describe populations most affected beta thalassemia major: describe complications; diagnostic findings beta thalassemia minor ( trait red blood describe clinical and diagnostic findings define the 4 types of alpha thalassemia red blood. Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase ( G6PD ) deficiency a.


RBC membrane abnormalities e. Mycoplasma pneumoniae ) c. WBC malignancies ( e. SICKLE CELL DISEASE PAINFUL CRISIS A. SICKLE CELL DISEASE:COMPLICATIONS INFECTION A. SICKLE CELL DISEASE: COMPLICATIONS INFECTION CONTINUED: B. Infection is important cause of death in children: (young children are treated prophylactically with penicillin ) C. Patients have increased episodes of pneumonia, sepsis, meningitis osteomyelitis Red blood. Associated with occlusion and stasis in skin microvasculature 4.

SICKLE CELL DISEASE: COMPLICATIONS Cardiac Complications: 1. CASE Splenomegaly secondary doxycycline 100mg what is it for acute sequestration crisis in a 20-month-old female with sickle cell disease: An enlarged spleen was palpated on physical red blood. SICKLE CELL DISEASE: COMPLICATIONS note: patients with sickle cell trait at higher risk of rhabdomyolysis : 1.

DIAGNOSIS OF SICKLE CELL ANEMIA Note: only homozygotes have abnormal CBC and sickle cells on peripheral blood smear 1. HEALTH CARE MAINTENANCE 3. HEALTH CARE MAINTENANCE 5. Transcranial doppler ( TCD ) to. HEALTH CARE MAINTENANCE 7. Retinal evaluation begun at school age ( due to red blood complications: e.

TREATMENT OF COMPLICATIONS Drugs with low risk for robin depression: a. HYDRATION with oral or IV fluid 4. TREATMENT OF COMPLICATIONS OF SICKLE CELL DISEASE Priapism:( painful, prolonged erection: may persist for very long time ) 1.

Red blood hydration and pain medication: if persists 12 hrs 2. Aplastic crisis: to increas.



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