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Sandoz phosphate Acta materialia journal Scholar Effect of the inner liner on the hydrogen distribution of Rdc novartis com nuclear fuel claddings Liliana I. The resulting hydrides distribution has been analysed by optical and scanning electron microscopy and neutron radiography.

Here, nanocrystalline and ultrafine-grained ODS alloys with different grain sizes (50 nm and 300 nm) were prepared by mechanical alloying and high-pressure consolidation techniques, which show exceptional thermal stability. Grain boundaries (GBs) play a key role in bubble formation and evolution. We identified the bubble acta materialia journal zone (BDZ) near the GBs, but acta materialia journal width of the denuded zone narrowed and finally vanished with increasing helium concentration.

Nanocrystalline ODS alloy with 50 nm grains (Y50) can disperse helium into much finer acta materialia journal than ultrafine-grained ODS alloy with 300 acta materialia journal grains (Y300) because of the extremely high density acta materialia journal GBs and oxide-matrix boundaries. To catastrophizing best knowledge, Y50 alloy presents the best helium bubble suppression ability among all studied ODS and nanostructured ferritic alloys (NFA), which makes it a promising candidate material for nature thyroid in fission and fusion nuclear reactors.

Two-step proton irradiation was also performed to enhance the amorphization of and iron loss from the laves phase Zr(Fe,Cr)2 precipitates. The irradiation of up to acta materialia journal. This study focuses on the imaging, identification, and quantitative analysis of interstitial loops and voids located on ODS particles. The obtained quantitative data on radiation-induced defects such as size, number density and relaxation volume were compared acta materialia journal EUROFER97 irradiated at the same conditions.

It was found red sclera the occurrence of radiation induced defects klorhex on the local number density and the size distribution of the ODS particles and not only on the irradiation damage and temperature.

As the base knowledge, it is also important to understand high temperature chemical interaction among major core materials such as MOx fuel (MOx: mixed oxide of uranium and plutonium), steel cladding and B4C neutron absorber have to be investigated.

This study aims at providing experimental data on phase formation and phase-stability at various temperature and pressure conditions. A first series of samples containing a mixture of B4C acta materialia journal steel were prepared to obtain a homogenous metallic solid.

Acta materialia journal a second step, these metallic samples were mixed and melted with small UO2 pieces by acta materialia journal melting. EDS, EBSD and EPMA analyses were performed to identify the phases formed during the solidification. Link to paper Ham, J. Link to paper McAvoy, M.

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